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By following the innovations and developments in the sector every day, we contribute to the textile industry in our country going one step further in sports tracksuit production.


We are proud to lead the textile industry in our country.


Our wide machine park, our quality in production and our quality-oriented approach are the result of our trust. We produce for all important brands in Turkey, Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Saudi Arabia.


Meticulousness and sensitivity regarding the quality of brands have always pushed us to be the best. The entire process, from design to installation, is completed at Bessa Sport. This gives us the opportunity to:

Control all stages of production and enjoy consistently good quality.


Our aim is to maintain our place among the leading companies in the sector and to carry Bessa Sport quality to higher levels in the world and in our country, to the place it deserves.

Model Preparations

All of our models are prepared with the creativity of our professional design team, using sporty designs and comfortable patterns, and after the sample product is sewn by our model machinists, they are presented to our customers with the approval of our R&D team.

Fabric Cutting

With our fabric cutting track, all fabric types that have received approval from the necessary tests are meticulously cut by our experienced team. After the marker laying is done in the computer environment, the cut fabrics are ready for sewing.

Product Sewing

Sewing operations are carried out under the control of experienced craftsmen on our sewing lines established with a fully automatic machine park. All manufacturing processes are carried out 100% in-house.

Control and Packaging

Finished products are taken to the control and packaging department and made ready for shipment in accordance with the requests of our customers. It is prepared so that you can sell it directly to the end user with detailed control after ironing.


Our annual production number is over 800,000 units, our stores and stock warehouses are always full and always continue to be filled with new models. Of course, we are running this power and quality in all countries of the world, and we professionally ship our products to Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Saudi Arabia.
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Specialty Product Lines

Bessa Sport has one of the largest facilities for the production of quality activewear for men, women and children.
We excel at processing a wide variety of fabrics as per client’s demands.

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